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Welcome to Acesio, the leading provider of GenAI and Machine Learning services. With us, you can take advantage of the latest technologies to revolutionize your business and scientific operations. Let us show you how AI design, strategy and build services can help you unlock the full potential of your projects.

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AI Services for Business Impact

Rodney Sappington, Ph.D

Founder's Story

In starting Acesio in 2016 I felt that AI and machine learning were not well understood in business process and scientific research.   This journey in applied AI has taken me over 20 years of experience across AI/machine learning-driven technologies in medical diagnostics, molecular manufacturing, drug discovery, advanced manufacturing of nano materials. I was one of the first to develop and deploy deep learning for early detection of high mortality cancers.  I have been fortunate to cross over AI/machine learning, clinical science and deep tech for high impact across research, healthcare, nanotechnology, and pharma.


I have led world-class teams, founded, and built companies, built AI/machine learning and software systems at scale, and developed novel advanced manufacturing platforms for the optimization of nanomaterials for a range of applications in clean water and zero gravity among others. 

Our AI Services

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